office design
Office Design
We offer complete office design from employee communication to color and furniture selection.

barrel roof
Barrel Roof
Our crews have the experience to build complex building designs and provide innovative construction techniques.

interior/crane from Mesk
We work with our clients to solve their material handling needs. Our experience includes overhead cranes, jib cranes, industrial piping and scrapconvayer systems.

Interior/Test Facility from Mesk Construction
Interior/Test Facility
We help our customers with fabrication and testing needs with unique ideas and building designs to solve problems.

Exterior Overhang, Industrial Design from Mesk Construction
Code experience helps our customers stay in compliance in material handling areas.

Steel Erection
Steel Erection
Building structures in occupied facilities is not new to us. We fully recognize the need for safety with respect to your employees and ours.

Wood Framing
Our crews are well versed in all types of construction. We stay ahead of our competitors using the latest tools and techniques.

Interior Design and Build
We give the customer the ability to have control over their budget by choosing cost effective building materials or by placing more decorative materials in customer point of contact areas.

Elkhart Brass- New Firehouse

Mixing classic styles with modern techniques gives our clients stylish options that work with their budgets.  




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